corporate entertainment and events
Corporate entertainment and events

We approach the world of corporate entertainment with an open mind! So much is wanted, such famous acts are sought, it must be the biggest, the best, the most unusual…

We listen carefully to what you would like to achieve... we have a history of coming up with creative audio solutions.

recent corporate events
UEFA Champions League - Cup Final sponsors hospitality party designed by Ross Sharples and Mark Roberts. This involved 80m of 10mm glass walling 3m high, flown loudspeaker and lighting clusters, rear projection of live camera work and match footage, two 8m diameter bespoke wooden bars, and bespoke table and seating arrangements.
Cowes Week for Skandia Life where we supplied four acts like the `Brand New Heavies` , `Hot Chocolate`, `T-Rex`, The Bootleg Beatles`, `Fabba`, `Counterfeit Stones`.
Americas Cup - 150th Anniversary at Osbourne House where over 2000 guests were seated and we supplied speech and live music systems.
The `Charlie Fish` Charity event where `The Commitments` played live.

Have you thought about enhacing your events?

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