pa & sound design services

All of our equipment will be configured for that job in smart flightcases and racks. Control areas are organised and compact. Stages are as tidy as your own house, speaker stacks will be discreet.

We supply for big names in small places. The same high specification gear that you would find in the most demanding of technical riders but in compact, aesthetically pleasing packages, arriving in the smallest suitable vehicles and handled by presentable careful crew.

All of our staff are passionate about sound. Most are musicians themselves and have a clear focus on perfection, musicality and performance in all aspects. From the first call you make to Rossco to the completion of the job, you will encounter highly capable staff who are knowledgeable, experienced and cooperative but on top of this, who `listen`

Loudspeakers: Martin Audio. W8C, W8S, LE 400, W2, W0.5, WS2, EM15, F8, F12, W8LM, W8LX
Processors: XTA 224`s, 226`s and Omnidrive FDS 388`s and Minidrive`s
Amps: Crown MA 2400, VZ 3600
Desks: Midas Verona, Venice, Souncraft Live 8, A&H 3300, Wizzard, Yamaha 01V
Dynamics & Effects: KT & BSS Graphics, Drawmer gates, dbx Compression, Effects by Yamaha, Roland and Lexicon.
Microphones: Sure, AKG, Sennheisser, Beyer Dynamic, Audio Technica, DI`s by BSS, Hi-Tech
Radio Systems: Sure Premiere U1 beltpacks for Lavaliere and Headsets, U2 Handheld with Beta 58 capsules, Sure SLX series handheld and lavaliere, Microwave full bandwidth audio links.
IEM: Sennheisser Evolution
Optimisation: SMAART, Audio Core
Comms: Stonewood Audio wired comms with single earpiece headsets.Motorola G300 radio hand sets
DJ Gear: Full DJ Sound Systems "Plug + Go" - 500w > 5000w
Full DJ Lighting systems " Plug + Go"
DJM 3000, Citronic 10:4, Numark EM260, CDJ 1000 MkII`s, DN 2000 MkII`s, Technics 1210 Mk II`s,
Lecterns: Hi Tech Aluminium with perspex platters and birdie uplighters.
Backline: Drums, Bass rigs, Guitar rigs, keyboards and percussion.
CCTV: Full range of portable monitoring and recording equipment for security and communication purposes. Full bandwidth microwave video transmission equipment.

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