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Touring bands & theatre

We are equipped to put smaller band and theatre tours on the road.

The key to this is keeping costs down, being resourceful, doing the job with in-house equipment and transport, and having a country-wide network of suppliers from whom additional equipment can be sought at `no notice` should it be necessary.

We liaise fully with each venue to establish whether there are systems that we can tap into for the `circle`, can we fly the arrays, are there local crew and so-on.

recent touring events
The Cossack State Dance Company did UK theatres for 30 days with 8 Martin W2`s and four WS2`s at FOH in a configuration unique to Rossco.

With rigging designed by Ross Sharples, two W2`s each side were flown side by side creating 130 X 40 degrees of coverage for the stalls and the other two at each side inverted and locked into a vertical array creating 60 X 40 degrees of long throw coverage which when angled upwards slightly, even caught the circle at St Davids Hall!.
We toured a corporate event for `Xerox`, supplying stage, truss, projection, lighting and of course, sound. Ten dates around the UK at venues like the NEC and HICC.
In 2005 we will be doing almost 100 UK theatre dates with a successful tribute band, (who at this point cannot be named) utilizing our new Martin W8LM array.

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